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[#212336] Written by: ockraz [30/03/14, 03:02]
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this is a made for tv movie created to wrap up a canceled series.

'bomb girls,' starred jodi balfour, meg tilly, ali liebert, charlotte hegele and anastasia phillips.
about women working at a canadian munitions factory during world war ii, it aired as a series over
two seasons (six episodes in early 2012, then 12 episodes in early 2013), which was cancelled in
april 2013 because of low ratings.

fwiw, it's not my cup of tea. i prefer the canadian shows flashpoint and continuum. i found bomb
girls boring, but my mom really liked it. here's some additional information about the movie...

from scott stinson at national post (toronto newspaper):
bomb girls’ short-run first season drew strong ratings on global, a canadian screen
nomination for
best drama, and a csa win for actress meg tilly. ratings dropped in a second season that was doubled
in length, although it was still nominated again as one of the country’s best television dramas. it
was also cancelled. global went with the it’s-not-you-it’s-me cancellation, giving the bomb girls
team a two-hour movie slot so the show didn’t have to forever remain a series interrupted... not
surprisingly, facing the enemy feels a lot like a season’s worth of stuff was crammed into two
hours. the main plot moves quickly, which it must since there are so many other threads in an
ensemble drama that need to be tied off... romances bloom quickly and crises develop and are then
solved by the next commercial break. but the show, as would be expected of bomb girls, is not
without its strong moments. there are some surprises, and bomb girls does tragedy very well. it does
tender pretty well, too... would the series have lasted longer if it had been on something like
shaw’s showcase channel instead of its main network? perhaps, but it’s a moot question now.

from reelz channel press release:
set in a time when society was experiencing fundamental changes in the workplace and at home, the
first season of "bomb girls" presents the stories of the women who risked their lives in a munitions
factory in support of the european front. liberated from social and cultural restrictions, they
embrace their newfound freedom, changing their lives—and the world around them—forever. season two
of "bomb girls" begins just after the attack on pearl harbor and draws viewers deep into
1942 with its music, fashion, romance and the thrill of being alive in dangerous times.

the two-hour television movie "bomb girls: facing the enemy" transports viewers to a dark hour in
the battle for the atlantic. under constant pressure to turn out more bombs, as well as work on a
new secret sonar line, the women of victory munitions band together in a tight bond of support and
friendship. but when a disturbing menace appears in the form of a saboteur among the factory
workers, gladys witham (jodi balfour), a fiery young woman from privilege, is covertly recruited by
allied intelligence to find the traitor, forcing her to spy on her best friends, co-workers and
fellow agents and call into question everyone and everything she trusts.

"this special movie brings our beloved bomb girls face to face with the very real danger of home
grown sabotage as the battle of the atlantic rages and the fate of democracy hangs in the balance,"
says michael prupas, executive producer. "meeting the challenge posed by domestic enemies brings the
war home in a way that audiences are sure to love".

"bomb girls: facing the enemy" takes place in 1943 as the battle for the atlantic rages and an axis
victory seems inevitable. german u-boats patrol the ocean picking off ships, destroying much needed
supplies and inflicting heavy casualties. the one hope the allies have—production of newly developed
sonar equipment—is moved to victory munitions when the british factories are bombed, and it’s the
duty of the women at the factory to band together and fight for their country. "bomb girls: facing
the enemy" is produced by muse entertainment and back alley film productions in association with
shaw media "

[#212338] Written by: BoonesFerry [30/03/14, 04:15]
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this made for tv movie has been listed on the
show information page for several months.
along with a brief description.

thanks for providing a more detailed description.

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